Bali wedding packages Bali Wedding Packages is your best option

Bali Wedding Packages ensure for Every couple from all over the world are possible to get married legally in Bali,Bali rich of art culture and tradition , it could be very special moment for you with your beloved partner and family.You may have any type wedding celebration like experience renewal vows,Balinese wedding blessing,wedding commitment,Bali legal wedding, Indian wedding in Bali ,to make it easy  we recommend to take a ready Bali wedding packages but if you found some items not necessary  so then you  may customize it and  Bali wedding package price can be adjusted.Bali is not only for wedding destination but also for MICE event .Leave it to us to handle your wedding needs and enjoy your pleasant day

Legal Bali Wedding Packages

In order you  can get married  legally  in Bali and also legally recognized by your country so then you need to fulfill all legal requirement needed by Indonesian registry office .each country has different qualifications and therefore needs an accurate  information and arrangements.for some countries need to  translate  the pre -wedding papers work into Bahasa Indonesia and some country no need at all .after the marriage  you will receive a marriage certificate issued by Indonesian  registry office .for some country, in order your marriage certificate can be accepted legally in your country so then need to be legalized by three department in Indonesia including your  embassy base in Indonesia ,for further information you may contact our wedding consultant

Wedding Commitment  Packages

Wedding commitment is a kind of wedding celebration  to express your love to your beloved partner in front of your friends .This type of wedding ceremony has no any legal binding and therefore no any legal document required.


To cater your wedding needs we offer various wedding packages started from standard one  up to most  elaborate  package.We also serve  you a tailored package .There are wide range selection of wedding venue as you prefer and meet  your budget ,we offer various wedding packages